Our Story

Laurie - My military son came for the holidays and said, "By the way, is it okay if I bring another soldier friend home?" My thought was sure, but then I thought, what do I get him for Christmas? Short notice and panicking, I went shopping and saw the perfect gift; a cozy blanket.  When it was given to him, the friend said, "I will take it everywhere when I am traveling and I will remember this from your family and how you made me feel at home." 

Later that evening, other friends of our son's came over and said, "Awe, that's so cool, I want one, too!" So, three more were given. Currently, they all have their blankets, in different parts of the world, accomplishing different things. However, one thing they all have in common is, 'A hug from home'.

This idea was shared with a friend of mine, Lisa, who had a son heading off to college.  She loved the thought and purchased him a blanket to take with him. Now while off at college, he is reminded daily that there is always 'A hug from home'.

It was from these experiences that we wanted to share the sentiment of 'A hug from home' thus, we established "Blankets from Home". Blankets from Home gives families and friends the chance to send something special that lasts, to their loved ones, friends, and relatives.

We are excited to assist you with your special 'Hug from Home'.

Laurie & Lisa